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Hear From Our Clients

Renee’s knowledge of the healthcare system is excellent and right on point, as so many patients need interpreters to wade through insurance coverage, clinic offices, and hospital and physicians’ orders. With her knowledge of the systems she is able to obtain assistance and care for her clients.

- Rita M., RN

As a professional, I frequently turn to Renee & Company on care management matters. Renee & Co., has assisted me with clients of all ages and situations – time and time again I find myself relying on Renee’s experience and unwavering compassion. I highly recommend Renee & Co. and her solid support staff for any care management needs, large or small. Trusted, professional, and courteous only begin to explain the level of care you can receive with their team!

- Ryan A.

Thank you so much for taking my conditions seriously. Your thoughtfulness and knowledge along with your caring positive personality, to this day I believe if it wasn’t for your big passionate heart I wouldn’t be here today. You are a wonderful individual with a passion for life and others. I will never be thanking you enough. My health updates are doing much better, I feel alive again.

- Nancy B.

I have known Renee for years. She is a staunch advocate for the elderly and disabled. She is absolutely driven in everything she does for those she serves. I highly recommend her services


- Kibby M.

We are delighted to work with the team of Professional Healthcare Advocates
at Renee & Company. The entire team provides a good understanding of our client's
needs for improved healthcare and overall wellness. Their attention to detail facilitates
better overall care for our clients.


- Staff at AD Fiduciary

I have never seen someone so passionate and thorough on someone else's behalf. It did not matter what was thrown her way. Renee was able to very distinctly articulate what the best course of actions was and why it was the obvious path to follow, and ultimately all those involved agreed to follow her recommendation. She is a leader and never tires of the challenges that drive her. You will not find a better advocate.

- Marie C.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Everyday I think of you and how supportive and knowledgeable you were, while we were tearing our hair out. The ‘don’t worry, we’ll look into it’ was all I needed to hear. I knew then that it would be okay. You are really amazing.


- M. Peugh

Thank you and all your team for the excellent services for our seniors and families. Renee has an evident attention to detail and ability to comfort and educate families about the care services in hospitals, skilled nursing, and memory care facilities. . . . In my decades as a Geriatric Care Manager, Renee provided superb services for my clients. She advocated for their needs and customized care services. Excellent professional partner.


- Helen J.

Everyone should have an advocate on their side like Renee! I have been working in the senior living industry for over ten years, and I can tell you there is no other like Renee and Company. Renee is beyond skillful and knowledgeable about the healthcare system and has the unique ability to relate to clients from various backgrounds and challenges. The experts in the industry refer to Renee, especially those in need of mental health support which can often make managing a senior’s care that much more difficult. I would recommend Renee Balcom to anyone; I would trust her with my mother.


- Marci R.

Your work with my Dad has saved his life. I will be forever grateful!


- V. Kelly

I have been structuring estates for Medi-Cal Qualifying for the last 20 years. Renee Balcom's ability to be a patient advocate is on a par I have not witnessed before. All modalities of healthcare: including long-term care, gerontology, doctors, nurses, social administrators, and family dynamics, bring their uniqueness and biases to the equation. Renee's ability to sort through the distortion of the situation gives her the quality you want in an advocate. Sometimes it is the ability to bring the proper regulatory authorities into the picture to force the circumstances in the patient's favor. Renee is, without a doubt, my go-to for patient advocacy. 

- Michael M. McCabe

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