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Renée Balcom

Renee Balcom

Renée is an expert in guiding clients and their families through the healthcare system. With more than a decade of direct patient advocacy work and consulting experience under her belt, she knows firsthand how important it is to have someone by your side. She founded Renée & Co. to connect clients to the essential services of professional healthcare advocates. As the primary caregiver for her late mother, she has a deep understanding and compassion for the struggles faced by families seeking care solutions for their loved ones.

Renée is also a brazen champion for patients’ rights, advocating on their behalf on both the local and state level. She was a founding member of the Curry Community Health Board of Directors and a governor-appointed member of the Oregon Health Authority's Traditional Health Worker Commission, where she helped to establish the scope of work and guidelines for traditional health workers. Her current advocacy focus is on establishing broader oversight and patient protections for industries in positions of public trust that interface with patients and their families. Renée also hosts a podcast, See Differently, which aims to educate and empower her community to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

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