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Women’s Health- Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it can be a stressful one too. With so

many things to take care of, both physically and emotionally, it's not easy to

stay on track and ensure a healthy pregnancy. It’s essential to take care of

yourself during this time and seek medical attention early and often during

your pregnancy.

Since the start of Covid-19, the United States has seen an increase in its

maternal mortality rate. This increase has many causes, including maternal

age, underlying heart conditions, severe bleeding, infections, high blood

pressure, and lack of proper prenatal care during pregnancy.

Starting your pregnancy with proper prenatal care is essential to identifying

risk factors for complications during and after pregnancy. Scheduling an

appointment with your OBGYN or Midwife in the first trimester allows your

provider to run an array of tests to determine the best course of care for

your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Remember, every pregnancy is unique. It is important to listen to your body

and consult your healthcare team for guidance. Following these tips for a

healthy lifestyle can contribute to a smoother pregnancy and better

outcomes for you and your baby.

Attend regular prenatal care:

Regular prenatal care is essential to monitor your health and your baby's

development. Attend all your prenatal appointments and talk to your doctor

about any concerns you may have. Keeping a journal with a list of

questions and concerns will help you to prepare for your appointments.

Eat a nutritious diet:

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is the foundation of having a healthy

pregnancy. You need plenty of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support

your baby's growth and development. Your healthcare provider may

recommend prenatal vitamins to help supplement your nutritional needs

during pregnancy.

Exercise regularly:

Exercise is essential to maintain a healthy pregnancy. It can help you

manage your weight, reduce stress, improve your sleep, and prepare your

body for childbirth. Walking, swimming, and yoga can be a great low-

impact way to increase your daily exercise. Always consult your medical

provider before starting a new exercise routine.

Manage your stress:

Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster, and stress can take a toll on

your physical and mental health. Relaxation techniques such as deep

breathing, meditation, and mindfulness practices can help to keep a

peaceful mind and heart. Surround yourself with positive energy and

indulge in activities that make you happy.

How can we help:

As Professional Healthcare Advocates at Renee & Company, LLC, our

primary goal is to provide support for your healthcare needs. We can

provide support during your prenatal care appointments by helping you

understand the medical information you receive and answering any

questions you may have. Renee & Company Healthcare Advocates can be

powerful allies in advocating for your rights as a pregnant woman. We can

help you understand your legal rights and options, and we can advocate for

you if you feel you are not being treated fairly or if your needs are not being

met. During pregnancy, having a healthcare advocate by your side can

make a world of difference.

The Final Take:

Pregnancy is a life-changing event, and it is essential to prioritize your

health and the health of your unborn baby throughout this journey. Trust

your instincts, listen to your body, and seek support when you need it. With

a little bit of self-care and love, you will have a healthy pregnancy and a

new bundle of joy.


Rena Ford-Karcher

Director of Care Management at Renee & Co

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