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The Bravery of a Cancer Survivor

Most of us experience bouts of bravery in our lives. My bravery has been on display standing in front of the class and reading an essay for the first time, leaving a corporate job and founding my own company, or having a difficult talk with someone I love. But few of us know the level of bravery it takes to navigate the healthcare system with a cancer diagnosis.

The emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis can be profound and multifaceted, often invoking a gamut of feelings ranging from shock and disbelief to fear and anger. As the reality sets in, patients may experience a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty about the future. It’s a pivotal moment where life priorities can shift, and the support of friends, and family becomes paramount to navigate the complexities of treatment and the emotional turmoil that accompanies this journey.

The treatment journey for cancer patients is often fraught with challenges that extend beyond the physical symptoms of the disease. Treatment protocols, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, can be aggressive and carry their own debilitating side effects, including fatigue, pain, and nausea. Furthermore, the logistical aspects of treatment, such as scheduling and attending numerous appointments, managing medication regimens, and the financial burden of medical expenses, can be overwhelming. This intricate web of medical management necessitates a level of organization, endurance, and advocacy that is itself a test of resilience.

The Professional Healthcare Advocates at Renee & Company have seen bravery on display many times. We recognize the complex nature of cancer care, and the role of the healthcare advocate becomes critically important. We serve as a liaison between patients and the medical team, translating medical jargon into understandable language and ensuring patients' preferences and needs are heard and respected. Advocates empower patients by providing emotional support and aiding in decision-making, allowing them to focus on healing and recovery. At the same time, the logistical and bureaucratic burdens are managed by experienced professionals. The presence of an advocate can be a beacon of hope and strength through the uncertainty of a cancer journey. And can elevate the bravery of the patient/client as they travel through it.

This week on the See Differently Project, we will be speaking with Renay Montane, a cancer warrior who is now battling her second round of cancer and who has buried her Mother with the same disease. Listen to Renay as she shares her perspective on cancer treatment and post-treatment care and how she intends to beat cancer for the second time. Renay will also share how her Mother chose to exercise the California Right To Die cocktail and what that experience was like in light of her own cancer battles.

Join us and discover your bravery. Whether you are facing a cancer diagnosis yourself or assisting a loved one, you won't want to miss this story. I worked directly with Renay and witnessed her bravery up front and personal. She is remarkable and has a fantastic outlook and story to tell.

The See Differently Project is live on Friday 02/09/2024 at 7 am PST. Find us on and search for "The See Differently Project" with Renee Balcom.

Tune in Friday, February 9, 2024, at 7 am PST, for a meaningful discussion. Feel free to call in, share your feedback, and contribute to the conversation. Share your cancer journey with us; it's an opportunity for mutual learning and support. We look forward to your participation!

You can join us with a simple click of the button below:

Join these important talks - your voice matters. We eagerly await your input as we aim to reshape healthcare together.


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