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An Argument About The One-Payor System (Part 2)

In the state of California, the Single Payor System for healthcare insurance continues to be raised as an option for managing healthcare. And, where California goes…so may go the rest of the nation. That is why it is so important to understand this controversial subject and acquaint ourselves with the pro’s and con’s.

Did you know that Vermont has already passed the Single Payor System? Are you aware of the outcomes of that passing?

Experts are torn on the subject, and of course, the large insurance providers are lobbying hard against it, as are the large healthcare providers.

Some experts argue that the single-payor system would improve the quality of care and reduce costs, while others claim it would lead to longer wait times and lower quality care. One potential benefit of the single-payor system is that it would eliminate administrative costs associated with dealing with multiple insurance companies, streamlining the process for both patients and healthcare providers.

However, a major concern with the single-payor system is how it would be funded and whether or not taxes would need to be significantly increased. In Vermont, for example, taxes were increased to fund their Single Payor System and many people were unhappy with this decision.

Another potential issue with the single-payor system is that it may limit patient choice. With a single government-controlled system, patients may have fewer options when it comes to choosing their healthcare providers and treatments. Additionally, the lack of competition may result in declining quality care as healthcare providers have no incentive to offer the best services.

To learn more about this subject and to let us know your opinion, tune into the See Differently Project with host Renee Balcom. This is a live radio program, and our guest expert, David Fear Jr., will be available to answer your questions and to hear your opinion.

The See Differently Project is live on Friday 01/26/2024 at 7 am PST. Find us on and search for "The See Differently Project" with Renee Balcom.

Tune in Friday, January 26, 2024, at 7 am PST, to gain insights as Renee Balcom converses with David Fear Jr., an insurance broker with 20 years of experience and the Legislative Chair for the Sacramento Association of Health Underwriters. Alternatively, you can join us with a simple click of the button below:

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