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Dear Friends,

Renee & Company exists to provide services and connections to Family Caregivers; as well as to celebrate the journey.

Family caregivers are the care managers of their aged, chronically ill or disabled loved ones. I am a caregiver for my mother and I know that we rarely receive training for this important work. We are offered reams of literature about all of the resources available in our community, but who has time to read those, much less surf the internet or make the phone calls to obtain more information.  

As a professional Healthcare Advocate I offer one on one and group consulting as well as workshops to bring these resources to you. I will do the discovery and due diligence for you and work to coordinate my team of licensed professionals

educated in health care and social services to assist you in your care decisions.

Our services will give you your time back and provide you with peace of mind. 

We are also committed to celebrating YOU!!!  You are a hero and should be encouraged and celebrated in this care journey. We are bringing people together through workshops, masterminds and social events to share their experiences and witness the love and joy that can be found in caring for another. 

Consultant, Health Advocate, Speaker, Author


"Renee's knowledge of the health care systems is excellent and right on point, as so many patients need interpreters to wade through insurance coverage, clinic offices, and hospital and physicians orders. With her knowledge of the state systems she is able to obtain assistance and care for her clients."

 - Rita M.RN Discharge Planner

"Renee was instrumental in helping my son through some difficult ties in his life recently. She was aware that my son was at a life changing crossroads with very little hope left, medically, physically and personally. Renee and her team reached out to him, offering guidance and direction that absolutely changed the course of his life. She was able to intercede on his behalf, facing medical staff, court systems, legal defense teams and law enforcement to bring them all to an understanding of where he was, how he got there, and the best plan of action that would benefit them all, but mostly my son. I have never seen someone so passionate and thorough on someone else's behalf. It did not matter what was thrown her way. Renee was able to very distinctly articulate what the best course of actions was and why it was the obvious path to follow, and ultimately all those involved agreed to follow her recommendation.  She is a leader and never tires of the challenges that drive her. You will not find a better advocate."

- Marie C. 

“Your work with my Dad has saved his life.  I will be forever grateful!”

- V. Kelly

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Everyday I think of  you and how supportive and knowledgeable you were, while we were tearing our hair out. The 'don’t worry, we'll look into it' was all I needed to hear. I knew then that it would be okay. You are really amazing. "

- M. Peugh


Caregiving in America


43.5 million

The number of Americans providing care to an adult or child. (Non paid)

1 in 2

of you are caring for a parent or parent-in-law


of Alzheimer's care recipients live with their caregiver


60%  Female

40%  Male

1 in 10

are caring for a spouse


have been providing care for 5 years or more


of caregivers for veterans have been providing care for at least 10 years or more


of caregivers are employed; more than half work full time.




Our healthcare systems are multi layered and extremely complex. Professional Healthcare Advocacy provides solutions:

  • Enhancing patient-provider communication.

  • Collaboration with all Social Service Agencies.

  • Reduce instances of medical error.

  • Improves patient outcomes.

  • Daily interface with doctors, hospitals, insurance providers or government agencies.

When a healthcare crisis strikes, having a reliable professional healthcare advocate is essential.

Services may include:
Assistance at medical appointments, geriatric and chronic care coordination and medical billing reviews and negotiations

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